Jazz Dance

Our Jazz classes are designed for beginner as well as more advanced dancers and give all our students the chance to progress and hone technique. Dynamic and contemporary, Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Taking on many different characteristics and styles, including Street Jazz, Percussive, Broadway, and Lyrical, jazz classes can be patterned in any of these styles or a combination of them. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style, and our program helps develop flexibility, core strength and progresses students through each stage of technique, turns and jumps. Each level of jazz is a continuation of the previous level and increases in difficulty.

Carlson's offers classes for the once a week recreational dancer as well as more those advanced and from beginner to adult.

What to Wear

Any colour and style of body suit with black yoga style pants.

Hair MUST be pulled back in a pony tail.