Musical Theatre

Designed to develop a complete triple-threat, Musical Theatre combines singing, acting and dancing into one exciting class. This is the class for dancers who love to perform. Our professional teachers instruct students on how to excel and reach their full potential. Early level students are taught how to support their voices with proper breathing techniques, practice musical scales and do exercise to help vocal control. In the acting portion of the program students explore various characters, and are helped to develop stage presence, confidence and characterization. As students progress, our instructors work on further developing their skills by improving pitch, tone, enunciation, projection, breath control and much more. We take great care in selecting challenging and age appropriate musical theatre excerpts for each class.

Classes are offered for junior (no dance experience necessary) and intermediate students.

What to Wear

Any style and colour of body suit and yoga shorts or pants.

Black jazz shoes.

Hair MUST pulled back in a pony tail.