Pre-School Dance For Kids

A great place for your child to learn, create and have fun!

Pre-ballet classes, for children ages 2-4 years, awaken your child to music and dance, coordination, spatial and motor skills. Gentle guidance helps the beginner dancer develop rhythm, cooperation, creativity through movement and dance, and basic ballet skills. The classes offer an atmosphere of fun within discipline so the children can gain a sense of accomplishment as well as exploring their love of dance and music.

Together the students and their teachers will integrate simple ballet technique and lots of imagination into storytelling dances.

"Two and you" (18 months-2 yrs)

A chance to foster the love of movement and music together with your two year old. Using props and creative stories children are encouraged to use their imaginations while learning to translate their creativity into movement.

"Tiny Dancers" (3 yr olds)

Parents or Guardians are still invited into the class if necessary. This class is a continuation of creativity using props and stories and focusing on coordination, rhythms and basic dance skills in imaginative ways.

"Pre School" (4 yr olds)

These classes introduce a more structured environment while allowing the children to learn the basics of dance technique and self expression.

Positive reinforcement and the development of self-confidence are key factors in all classes.

Our 2 and 3 yr old classes are taught in 10 week sessions. 3 sessions per dance year.

What to Wear

A body suit and chiffon or tutu skirt in any colour. Pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes. No fabric or black gymnastic shoes please.

Hair pulled back in a pony tail.